Over the years, INNOVA has acquired international expertise in developing solutions for confined space, with its wide variety and most innovative fall protection & rescue products.

We firmly believe we can assist and provide solutions to best serve and accompany safety leaders, whilst meeting their needs and expectations in creating a work safe environment.

INNOVA is dedicated to offering you the best and most innovative solutions on the market, to meet specific confined space and safety regulations.


Throughout the years we have acquired specific expertise in the field of confined space by dealing with many different and specific sectors of intervention.

All this knowledge is now made available to all our partners and customers inside the Xtirpa Academy.

We built a place where you can discover our product range and learn about access and rescue procedures related to different types of confined space.

Horizontal, vertical and inclined access and rescue system are available.
For each of these particular situations we offer specific training courses and live sessions designed to acquire all the knowledge needed to work in such confined space.


INNOVA offers an array of systems that can be adapted to allow any workforce to perform daily tasks safely.

Investing in state of the art technologies and materials, allows INNOVA to design and engineer custom made products suitable for any unconventional confined space.

Distance is no longer an excuse for not requiring our specialized engineering and design services.

We can provide engineered solutions for any specific confined space.

INNOVA is dedicated to offering you the best and most innovative products on the market.


Being one of the most innovative manufacturers of fall protection and rescue products, INNOVA has redefined itself in order to provide customers complete turnkey solutions.

Years of dedicated experience installing XTIRPA™ systems, has provided us with the knowledge to educate and train our partners around the globe.

INNOVA uses state of the art equipment to perform certified installations, positioning the XTIRPA™ line of products to a superior class of high quality services.